Regions of Canada

Through the menu on the left you will be able to finds groups that have been identified as support groups for Canada.  One of the hardest things is to find any groups in your specific region and hopefully this will help with that.

We have tried our best to align the regions in a manner that makes sense to all but also is not to region specific that it becomes unusable.  We hope you can find any support you may need, and if you do (or you don't) please let us know and we can either rejoice or rectify the problem.  Thanks!

Canada Map

Support Our Site

If you like this site and the premise around it and feel that you can contribute, please feel free to . And please let us know of any groups you are familiar with that may benefit from or contribute to the idea of this site.

Stories of Hope

One item that we find truly helps provide great hope and insight to recipients, donors, donor families and support people are stories from the people who have lived through these ordeals and triumphs. If you have a story that you feel could help anyone, or just would like to have your story seen by others, please and we will try to get it posted.