Name: Transplant Companions
Area: Montreal, QC
Full Address:

P.O Box 964 - Stn. Place d'Armes
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 3J4

Telephone: (866) 446-3030
Fax: (514) 288-5680
Contact Email: info@transplantcompanions.ca
Website: http://www.transplantcompanions.ca


In recent years an increasing number of transplant procedures have taken place in Canada. With survival and recovery rates continuously improving, the support that is required for patients before and after a transplant is increasing. The Transplant Companions program plays a key role in providing patients with the resources, knowledge, support and encouragement essential to experience a successful recovery.

The special approach of the Transplant Companions program can be found in small, interactive workshops led by trained facilitators and post-transplant patients who have first-hand experience in coping with the life changes that take place after surgery.

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