Name: GoodHearts Mentoring Foundation
Area: Edmonton, AB
Full Address:

11423 55th Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6H 0X3

Contact Email: info@goodhearts.ca
Website: http://www.goodhearts.ca


It is with a deep sense of gratitude that GoodHearts Mentoring Foundation members want to make people aware of the benefits of transplantation and raise awareness of the dire need for more organ and tissue donors who are willing to renew and enhance the lives of others.

GoodHearts Mentoring Foundation is based on the philosophy that the person who can understand you best is the person who has been there, too. GoodHearts Mentoring Foundation helps individuals facing the circumstances similar to their own.

GoodHearts Mentoring Foundation provides recipients, people on waiting lists, their families and caregivers with encouragement

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Stories of Hope

One item that we find truly helps provide great hope and insight to recipients, donors, donor families and support people are stories from the people who have lived through these ordeals and triumphs. If you have a story that you feel could help anyone, or just would like to have your story seen by others, please and we will try to get it posted.